Thi Doan

Nantes (France) based illustrator

Most of my inspiration comes from moments of vivid emotion. I always make it my main focus to captivate others by playing on subtle features belonging to the elements of my drawings.

My illustrations are intended for the publishing sector, the press, communication and advertisement industries, as well as for individuals. My role is to go beyond the directions which I am given, and to render a complex message in a single picture.

My art is usually detailed, colourful and very lively. Beyond their fun and naïve looks, all of my works are intended to be organized around the main subject for the public to see it with new eyes.


Joey. Paris – Edition Jouvence – Sorbonne Université – Terra Incognita – La Fabrique Aviva – Ing Banque – Mavem – La Croix l’Hebdo – Le Pelerin – Vaine Magazine – Canevet et associés