Attachment point

This is an illustration of one of the poems of the Nantes poet, Pauline Patrignani, as part of the joint project Les Parnassiennes.

This poem illustration turned out to be a real challenge, but a great exercise. First I had — and this was the main difficulty of this mandate — to find a way to integrate all the elements into one visual. Then I wanted to make obvious the linkage with the poem.

One verse after another, the scene took shape in my mind. I imagined a limited palette to make it easier to read the image and distinguish each element, but also to increase its semantic scope. I also wanted the visual to carry two messages through a play of contrasts. The dark color represents emptiness and darkness, symbols of ignorance and denial; meanwhile, the colorful landscape, alive and bathed in light, evokes knowledge and openness to the world.

Emanating from the character are a certain nonchalance — characterized by his hands in his pockets — and determination, like that of the adventurer who carries his backpack, gaze riveted on the path he takes in his quest for knowledge.

Collaboration : Pauline Patrignani, poet from Nantes