Call of the heart

First illustration of a series produced as part of a children’s literature project in collaboration with the Nantes poet Pauline Patrignani. This crouching child is the hero of the story.

From his black body emanates the “light of his eyes.” This light, white as we usually imagine, illuminates the messages sent by his heart: warm messages, symbolized by the heart of fire.

The black color of the body also testifies to the silence that inhabits it. He has put himself in an available, open state of mind to hear better what his heart is saying to him. This is the reason his hands are in a position of contemplation, as if he were holding a crystal ball in which he was preparing to read.

His fire-colored scarf fluttering in the wind traces a path at the side, the one he has just followed or is about to take. We will not know until after the call of the heart. Where will it take him?