This drawing is a tribute to a dog, a shiba inu, who entered the life of the young woman with blue hair.
It provides a cheerful and sunny setting, which testifies to the outings in nature that they enjoy. It highlights their complicity, reinforced by the fact that both wear the same blue glasses.

The two protagonists are symbolically placed at the center of the image, because they are the main subject, but also because the plants around them do not seem indifferent to their presence.

Reflections of their emotions, the geometric plant forms are vivid and blooming. They seem to stand around them to offer them a form of protection, both physical and visual. Indeed, the shape of the leaves recalls that of the dog, and the choice of colors owes nothing to chance: the plants and the two beings bear the same one. Thanks to the impression of camouflage thus obtained, the young woman and the dog seem to be placed in a kind of plant cocoon, which creates a friendly triad.

The credo of the young woman and the dog could be “to live in hiding to live happily.” In their case, it is the nature they love that welcomes their private walks and celebrates their complicity.