In this image, a character admires a beautiful mountain landscape, information revealed by the mirror effect of the single, oversized eye taking the place of her face.

Her crossed legs recall a meditative posture. The eye is naturally at the heart of the page. Our focus being on the pupil, we see roughness present on the surface, which testifies to its living nature.

The importance of the eye materializes in two ways: on the one hand, by its size, and on the other hand, by its colors and details. Unlike the background of the image and the body of the character, whose solid colors respectively mark insignificance and immobility, the eye contains various bright colors, symbols of life and activity.

This drawing can create the impression of movement: the clouds seem to converge toward the pupil, as if they are drawn there. The change of color can also be likened to a change of shot. Staring at the pupil for a few seconds can even make the red border of the iris and the green border of the pupil appear to be floating.

Finally, looking at the image, you too will find yourself in a contemplative posture when your gaze plunges into the back of this eye.