a space story

Cosmic projections

This joyful scene is meant to represent the increasing accessibility — real or fantasized — of the universe and of human projections. July 20, 2021, indeed marks the first space tourism flight.

In the foreground, four small scenes of everyday human life are played out in front of this idyllic spatial landscape, toward which all eyes are turned.

  • The young girl and her best friend, on a voyage of discovery, admire the panorama.
  • The observer who tries, through a telescope, to “get closer” to what he sees in the distance, to contemplate the mysteries of the universe.
  • The astronaut with a breakdown
  • The tourist sunbathing


Space is presented in a humanized way, because we dream about it and make it our own. To show that it is synonymous with hope, a new form of life, but also a new lifestyle, humans are tiny. Their upward gaze also shows that, symbolically, the human rises by taking a step toward the universe.

On the other hand, a large number of colored planets, asteroids and stars of all kinds form a joyful ecosystem that is infinitely large, because hope leads us to see what is foreign to us in a positive, pleasant light. We project our hopes, our desires and our dreams of greatness.