Artists talk climate operation : Deforestation

This illustration is my contribution to the Instagram operation #artiststalkclimate initiated by the Terra Movement collective to talk about climate change.

A green woman is crouched, head down, in a posture of distress. On her head and back grow various species of trees. It is an allegory of Mother Nature, whose body seems to have the intrinsic property of shining no matter what.

In the dark night that envelops her, someone has struck a match, which he is about to throw away. It’s the capitalist.

Suffering the ravages of deforestation, Mother Nature is now almost naked. She uses her last strength to provide a home – her back – to fragile and endangered species. She draws on what energy she has left to feed them.

The elephant represents endangered species, while the tree symbolizes over-exploited resources.

The capitalist has backed her up against the wall and is still threatening her. Because he acts in the shadows, he is invisible. He has no soul, and knows neither faith nor law.

We are here the witnesses of the last moments of Mother Nature, whose nudity is accentuated day by day, through the ravages of deforestation.

This image also illustrates resilience, dignity and humility. Mother Nature remains luminous, even if she is well aware of her weak position.