Genesis of a project

In this image, faces, vegetation, brightly colored rainbows spring from the mind of a young designer. Further down, a watering can feeds her brain. Ideas fuse in a multicolored sheaf and intertwine.

The background is plain to show that everything surrounding the designer is obscured. Absorbed in her thoughts, she sees nothing more.

Creativity is an ability that feeds on colors, exchanges, travels, sensations or wonder. These various elements make it possible to cultivate and maintain it, like a garden.

The process is primarily intellectual. We close our eyes, and the collected images germinate ideas. These then become young shoots shaped by encounters, nourished by exchanges, inspired by our ideas and our ideals. They are then worked on, tested and modified until a real branch is obtained: the project that takes shape.

A creative mind is an observant, innovative and synthetic mind.

A creation is hours of observation and reflection, many tests, thousands of formulas not retained, many exchanges, but also a lot of isolation, introspection, hope and disappointment.