Let it Grow

Indomitable nature

In front of this luxuriant nature, a wind of happiness blows in our faces.
We see a quiet strength, prosperity and friendliness.

As for the cage, it raises a fair question: is it a prison or protection?
One may also read several philosophical questions there: can caged nature prosper? Do humans have any rights over nature? One may imagine, finally, that the trees that come out of the frame lead a sort of non-violent struggle: nature takes back its rights, sheds its chains, whatever may happen.

The colors leave an impression of warmth. Despite their obvious contrast – or because of it – they form a beautiful harmony. Each emphasizes its neighbor. Would the flowers teach us lessons? Would they be able to do what we can’t?

In the foreground, the carefree human is happy at their side. The sight of these colors soothes her, brightens her daily life.