Inequality of access to healthcare

Illustration produced for a conference entitled “The place of women in the health sector,” moderated by Muriel Salle, historian and speaker, and Isabelle Derrendinger, director of the CHU School of Midwives at Nantes.
The illustration denounces the inequalities in access to healthcare between the two sexes. These inequalities are the result of a pathologizing and erroneous reading of the female body. Often one forgets that it is social, biological and psychological factors that are responsible for women’s vulnerabilities.

I chose the hospital as a symbol of the health community in general, because it is often here that patients go through the different stages of care.
The purpose of the image is to highlight the path that each sex follows to show that they are unequal. The prevalence of diseases, diagnoses and treatments vary between men and women. This inequality is represented by two methods of accessing a system that is supposed to be common to both sexes: the man takes the elevator, which opens a direct and easy way for him, while the woman climbs the stairs, one difficulty at a time. The attitudes of the two characters also suggests a problem: being more confident, the man rushes for treatment. The woman seems reluctant: is she going to go in? She assesses the distance to be covered: will she take the risk of committing at the risk of giving up halfway? The woman’s journey risks being strewn with pitfalls.