Le Pèlerin : The magic of Christmas

This visual was produced to accompany a testimonial entitled La magie de Noël (“The magic of Christmas”), in the weekly Le Pèlerin (“The Pilgrim”).

It represents self-sacrifice, sharing and helping others from the point of view of a Catholic volunteer. Strong spiritual moments for her.

Is the holiday season magical for everyone, or just enjoyable?

According to this volunteer from Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, it is important to preserve the dignity of people in precarious situations, especially during the holidays.

Her skirt presents different scenes of mutual aid experienced within the association:

  • Christmas baskets distributed to families;
  • gift packages prepared for children;
  • payment facilities offered to beneficiaries.


The volunteer extends her hand to the two people around her, as she symbolically extends her hand to the beneficiaries of the association.

The sobriety of the clothes of the two characters on the side contrasts with the splendor of the skirt, which bears several symbols.

The skirt metaphorically illustrates the qualities of the volunteer who bears witness. Therefore, it is:

  • wide, because she helps a lot of people;
  • colorful, because she carries within her the joy of giving;
  • opulent, because she has a lot to offer to others.


Client : Le Pèlerin