Artists talk climate operation : Loss of biodiversity

This illustration is my contribution to the Instagram operation #artiststalkclimate initiated by the Terra Movement collective to talk about climate change.

The dark theme was the most appropriate to address a subject widely recognized as very concerning. The color red, symbol of violence, illustrates the part emerged from  the pains that we know or are about to know. Lower down, darkness has spread : it is too late.

Also in red, the one responsible: the all-powerful man, symbolized by an imposing and almost Christlike figure, by his economic activity and by his exploitation of other humans.

In dark blue, like the bottom of the ocean, representatives of terrestrial and marine fauna have their heads down and their eyes closed.

In this apocalyptic vision of the future, Mother Nature loses the fight. She sinks, like a stone thrown into the water. With her dies biodiversity: the fauna and the flora.

This fight: does she lose it or abandon it?