Master & yogi

Illustration in tribute to an inspiring woman, mother of two, Parisian, family law lawyer by day and yoga teacher by night. She serenely leads a rhythmic daily life, shared between her family, her profession and her passion. She is an impressive woman, brilliant and attached to her values; these are qualities that make her even more beautiful and that command admiration.

I have portrayed her as a super-heroine, whose lawyer dress unfolds into a cape. Her raised knee reveals the vrikshasana position, which symbolizes awareness and balance between heaven and earth. This staging on the rooftops of Paris illustrates her daily life as an active woman still standing at nightfall. I also wanted to depict two divergent atmospheres: typically Parisian architecture leaving little room for greenery, and in opposition to it a roof flowered in a thousand colors, bringing cheerfulness to a monotonous, repetitive and concrete environment. The result takes on a mysterious and sensual charm, through the play of transparency and dark colors.