Based on a conference by Frédéric Bernier on multipotentiality in the service of entrepreneurship.
This illustration shows the brain of a young multipotential woman. Her life is punctuated by sequenced passions, most often ephemeral, but sometimes definitive.

What characterizes her is her thirst for learning and her need to acquire new skills. This is how she has many strengths without being what we call a specialist.

As the stairs symbolize, she knows how to create bridges between her fields of interest, the worlds in which she immerses herself. She is able to innovate and adapt easily.

In the young woman’s mind, the squares of various sizes represent interests. The bigger they are, the more they are anchored in the long term.
So this visual is a dissection of a multipotential mind, mainly focused on illustration and cooking, with multiple secondary interests that coexist in perfect harmony.


Update : Les Éditions Jouvence, a publishing house, bought this illustration which will be used as a cover illustration for their next book.