Maison colorée

Ode to joy

Why are plants gathered in a gift box shaped like a house? Because to offer yourself a plant is to offer yourself much more than an interior ornament: it is to open the door to joy, to beauty, to inspiration. To have a plant is also to breathe life into a room.

As in the illustration, leaves and flowers can wear very bright colors – a symbol of gaiety – visible to whoever approaches to observe. As we can guess, the plants live: their leaves undulate depending on the temperature and the time of day. They rise up when they have everything they need, or bend down to signal a lack.

Plants are for me a source of inspiration, a source of joy. When I observe their leaves up close, I notice an infinity of small nuances of colors, contrasts and quite astonishing shapes.

Flowers are expressions of poetry and beauty. Each is a work of art in itself capable of adorning a room as well as a painting, a pretty vase or a candle.