Ode to Mother Nature

Ode to Mother Nature

This image offers two possible readings: that of a modern city below a mountain, on the side of which flows a river, and that of an allegory.

This allegory tells the story of Mother Nature, a benevolent figure who watches over humans.

Here, Mother Nature has taken a seat in a mountain-shaped chair – with broad, protective shoulders – and holds a jug in her arms. Blue in color, she and the seat blend into the mountain landscape, to symbolize the discreet help given to humans. She supplies them with water, one of the essential elements for the survival of the species, like a mother who gave life. Nudity reinforces this image of a mother, who feeds her baby with her breast bare.

The humans, in turn, appreciate Mother Nature’s contribution. Installed on the banks of the river that she offers them, they have built elements necessary for their lives on both sides of the waterway: town on the left, and factory, hydroelectric dam and wind turbines on the right.

Creating an impression of movement, the various stripes, curvatures and undulations make Mother Nature the source of life thus represented. More than a protective symbol, Mother Nature is a true divinity.