Ode to reading

In the heart of darkness, a porthole. In front of this porthole, a reader,
seated, seen from behind.

Through this porthole one discerns the planet Earth, its blue seas and its green lands. Further away gravitate other planets of various sizes.
This view has a name: the universe.
The universe, this is what the reader sees in her book. It takes shape, becomes clearer and comes alive every time she turns a page.
The reader, simply dressed, is seated on a simple cushion. Next to her, a plant. Does she need more to dream?

On each of its planets a new universe is discerned. The colors they display betray the emotions they express. On the one hand passion, on the other joy, tranquility, warmth, mystery…

A porthole is a small opening onto a universe. Each book has its own.
We can imagine that the view changes with each work, depending on the scenes described in it, the questions that arise, the emotions that arise.
Seen in another way, this vision is also a mystery to be solved. How to reach it, how to pierce it? Could the answer be found in a book? Which one?