A zebra family

Our family

Illustration at the request of a family amazing in many ways, first by
their unique way of perceiving things and then expressing them. A family that feeds itself daily on knowledge that is sometimes brilliant and sometimes futile. A family that likes to exchange, share and transmit with kindness, without judgment. A family that looks like all loving families, that lives with neither complexes nor complications.

It was about producing a harmonious whole to tell the story of the family. I had to find a playful side to arouse curiosity and interest. I chose soft colors to create a poetic ensemble and touches of bright color to energize certain elements.

The result contains many references to the family universe. Regularly in exchange and sharing, they engage daily in two common activities: cooking and reading. The radiant dome symbolizes the kitchen, a moment of conviviality par excellence. As for reading — their main hobby — it is represented by the open book, a source of access to knowledge.

From this work emanates a light, which illuminates what touches them, especially the music (extract from a score by Chopin, Nocturne, Op. 2: No. 9), nature, the zebra (their symbolic animal), travel, astronomy and physical science.