MAVEM : Prenatal care

Illustration of a leaflet distributed at the Festivals of Sorbonne University in 2021 by Mavem.

This is about discussion of a little-known disease: myelomeningocele, the most common malformation of the spinal cord, which affects nearly one in 2,000 pregnancies.

A child with the malformation risks living with a disability that will affect his ability to walk, his sphincters and his brain. To limit this handicap, in utero surgery can be proposed in the fifth month of pregnancy.

The graphic constraints here called for blue, a symbol of hope, and red, a symbol of life but also of danger. Two contrasting colors to highlight essential information.

The mother has an affective posture, attentive to what is happening in her womb, because this is where the message to be transmitted resides.

The most important matter is represented here in red, at the heart of the image: the mission of future parents is to carry out prenatal screening, because the baby must absolutely be taken care of during the in utero phase.

While the surrounding flowers serve as visual reinforcement, they are also symbols of life and growth. Finally, note that their leaves are not placed in a trivial way, since they look like raised arms trying to challenge the public.

Client : Mavem