Sorbonne Université : Emotion in research

This image found its way onto a poster for Science Festival 2021. It deals with the themes of that year: emotion in research and citizen science.

It had three objectives: to highlight the emotion in research, to illustrate the multidisciplinarity of the Sorbonne and to display the collaboration at work between the generations.

Three characters ─ two women and a man ─ dance around an open book. They symbolize the Sorbonne’s three areas of expertise: medicine, engineering, and humanities.

From this book springs a universe charged with beings that interact with elements, or elements that interact with each other: fundamental exchanges in the scientific world.

There gravitate together organs, animals, elements reminiscent of science, musical symbols and characters of all ages, among others; this illustrates the transdisciplinarity of science.

In the postures of the characters, a first emotion jumps out: joy. Of course, it’s the Science Festival. Joy is also the emotion felt by researchers when their project progresses or ends. There are also signs of curiosity, collaboration and attachment.

Science is accessible and knows no boundaries, as evidenced by the joyous mix of genres, sexes, ages and subjects present in this image.


Client : Sorbonne Université

The aim is to promote the wide variety of research fields at Sorbonne University within graphic composition.