Tempo mana

This banner was designed to illustrate the website of a specialized urban planning agency, Tempo Mana, managed by Pauline Patrignani.

The illustration mainly uses the color code of the agency. Its warm colors – brown, orange, caramel brown, white and mustard yellow – subtly recall its Polynesian origins.

At the heart of the image, the sun is at its zenith behind a hamlet which represents the values of Pauline Patrignani, an urban planner attached to harmony dreaming of open and reassuring cities.

As a result, I have chosen to evoke fraternity, this bond of solidarity that unites humans. On the left, a female character (Pauline Patrignani) supports an employee / partner / project leader. They present a reflection in unison and see the project with one eye. In addition to the collaborative aspect, their fraternity is materialized by their position: they are side by side rather than face to face or each on her own side.

To echo the values of Tempo Mana, the city is in a protective cocoon, high up and surrounded by nature. It is a city where family and ecology are at the center of priorities.

Taking a higher view is intrinsically linked to the future: it allows for seeing in the longer term, envisaging a more sustainable future and, in turn, promoting the realization of the values dear to the company.

Lower down, the mountains adorned with plant elements show that the actions of Tempo Mana go beyond Nantes and reverberate through mountains and valleys.


Client : Tempo Mana