Le filtre sur les yeux

The cycle of the look

This illustration is inspired by an article by Clod L’Illustrateur in which it is a question of the difference between the worn-out look (that of the illustrator who looks at his creation for too long) and the new look (that of the person who sees the image for the first time).

The creator, whose gaze is at the heart of the discussion, is naturally placed at the center.

Projected behind him is a forest plunged into darkness – with practically nothing in sight – where nothing can be distinguished, a symbol of the worn-out gaze that passes over the elements without seeing them. In front of him stretches a lush and colorful nature, where details are visible, a symbol of a new look, unaccustomed, sensitive to details, colors, the layout of the elements, etc.

Over the next few hours, the creator’s gaze will change and the front projection will gradually resemble the rear projection. This is when the creator will have to stop working.

The darkness of the background reflects the concentration it takes to create. Because of the expectation that he will amaze us or transport us to an imaginary world, the creator must enter into himself and forget the outside world in order to better invent a new one.