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The fishermen of Kerala

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This illustration is based on an article from the Planet or plastic? campaign from National Geographic.
Fishermen from the Indian state of Kerala, who now haul more garbage than fish, decided to take action and recycle the plastic stuck in their nets.
This is noble and meticulous work, which does a service to their nourishing sea.

This bluish image seen from the sky shows the fisherman pulling their net strewn with waste: bottles, cans, sandals, straws, bags, etc. The color palette is intentionally reduced to highlight only the important elements. The surface fish are the same brilliant red as some debris, proof that now they merge.

The fish mingle with the creatures of the depths, which blend into the color of the ocean. All this liberated ecosystem seems to witness the scene, silently approving the action of this fisherman, who has trapped the industrial rejects that parasitized their life.
The fisherman has neither sex nor determinable gender. The shape of the face does not allow for

Coeur Singulier

Illustratrice, Happy Creative