The Truman Escape

This embossed postcard-type tray – which one imagines ready to close – consists of two parts. In the lower part floats a small sailboat while, in the upper part, a man climbs a staircase leading to a door: the exit. In the background, albatrosses fly in a circle above the scene. They are watching, waiting to see what will happen.

The blue background is not defined: it is a sea, a sky, a dream.

This image symbolizes the mythical scene from one of the cult films of Jim Carrey, The Truman Show, in which the character escapes from the island where he is held prisoner. Just as the prince goes up to the dungeon to free the princess, the character goes up to the door to free himself.

The isometric representation makes it possible to avoid a strictly frontal or lateral representation, to give relief to the image and to show that the card can be closed when the character, leaving the masquerade behind, has left the game.