Vaine : To dream

This drawing illustrated an issue of the English magazine Vaine, which was about dreams.

It is read from left to right. The decor presented ─ a black background and white stars that enamel a blue silhouette ─ indicates that the character is dreaming in his sleep. Blue is also used to symbolize imagination and hope.

In the center, we enter the character’s dream through an open door at the back of his skull. We see the silhouette of the dreamer moving toward the object of his dreams: a woman holding a house in the palm of her outstretched hand.

In his dream, the man returns to his home and joins his beloved, herself in blue.

The surrounding figurative elements indicate that this vision is for him a source of peace (the dove), of joy (the brightly colored flowers), of life (the sun, the growing fruits) and of passion (the moving red shapes, and all the red, pink and orange shades).


Client : Vaine Magazine