Wandering soul

This drawing illustrates the artist’s overall philosophy: feet on the ground, head in the stars. To enter her inner world, this artist with blue hair – the color of escape – closes her eyes. By cutting herself off from the meaning that links her to reality, she gives way to dreams, to the imaginary.

In the foreground, the colorful plants and foliage recall the bond she keeps with the earth and the colors, the creative ardor that inhabits her. She also allows her mind to dream, to experience, as evidenced by the different planets and shapes she meets on her path. The Milky Way reminds one that her artistic imagination is endless, mysterious and, above all, unconstrained.

Finally, her nudity shows that dreams are free from convention, that they are stripped of all preoccupation. The body, which no longer exists, does not need to be covered in the name of modesty, social convention or embarrassment in the gaze of another. He is free. She is free.